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Trading platform between participated public/private partnership and 2trade should become a more stable, universal, sound and permanent currency (₮) as it will be backed by hydroloop.org contracts assisted goods and services.

HYDROLOOP.org system

Facing with many risks aheads, seawapa.org/risks, in addition to the end of fossil-fuel, there is only one feasible solution that can solve them most if not all.

The Hydroloop system: freshwater collection, transfer, distribution, recycling, heating/cooling system, transport without fossil-fuel, electricity generation and distribution. The hydroloop system will allow incorporation of the fast delivery system, mass food production with less packaging, fresher and more abundance, greening the planet, flood and drought control, fire protection system, comfort housing, space exploration, ... The possibility is limitless.

International House
24 Holborn Viaduct
The City EC1A 2BN
City Of London Corporation

Email: team@2trade.co 
Phone: +44-20-7060-1669